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Brookspeed Motorcycle Rentals
Motorcycle hire  in  Nova  Scotia, Canada

​How do you accept payment?
​We accept most major credit cards as well as etransfers.

​What happens if it's raining?
​If the weather looks more favourable, we will slide your reservation 24hrs back or forth at our discretion if our booking reservations permit.
​Ultimately, the weather is out of our control.

​Do you rent helmets?
​We have a good selection of top quality riding apparel which if needed, is included in the rental. Helmets, boots, gloves, jackets, etc...

​How busy are the roads?
​Traffic is fairly light in Nova Scotia on the main highways. Even in towns, congestion is usually minimal and flow is good. Out on the old route roads, going is very good and extremely enjoyable.

​Are there any problems with wildlife at dusk or dawn?
​Wildlife activity increases during the hours of dusk and dawn. Yes, there is an increased chance of an encounter with wildlife at these times. Cape Breton is known for its high moose population.
Can I leave my car with you for the duration of my rental?
​Yes, we have plenty of space for parking.

Can I store my luggage at your shop for the duration of my rental?
​Yes, no problem.

Do you provide motorcycle luggage?
​Yes. We only fit factory OEM luggage.

​Is there an "Extra mileage" cost on motorcycle rentals?
Yes. Mileage allowance - 300km per day. Additional km charged at 25 cents/km for the first 100 km, 50 cents/km for the next 100 km and 75 cents for the next 100 km up until 300 km, wherein another full day’s hire will be charged. 

Do you ride?
​Yes, I've been riding since the age of six (44yrs). My Father is eighty six and still rides. My grandfather rode as well as my great grandfather who owned a 1915 Brough Superior HS (belt drive). My son has been riding for 6 years. He is eight.

How do we get to you?
​You can get a taxi from the airport, which is rather pricey. Or you can catch a bus directly from the airport to the bus terminal in town. From there, we will pick you up and drop you off, no charge. The bus is really cheap and runs several times throughout the day. Use the scroll bar on the right and scroll down to view the schedule and click on the "Plan or Buy Now" button. 

What about accommodations?
​There are plenty of hotels in Truro, the Best Western being just a few minutes walk from the bus terminal. Check out the "Tripadvisor" link below for the top choices and reviews.
Or if you fancy a B&B., the award winning "Tulips and Thistles" is located just a few minutes drive from our location. We can pick you up and drop you off there, too. As far as overnight stays whilst out touring, I suggest you book ahead as it gets busy and you may not get accommodation at your planned stops.