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GPS Tours
It's not the destination, but the journey.
GPS Guided Tours

Experience has shown us that many people arrive in Nova Scotia with a firm idea of where they want to go, but only a vague plan of how to get there. As such, they miss out on some remarkably beautiful and enjoyable
roads and routes. Our GPS-guided tour options can provide you with the benefit of our vast local knowledge so that you can experience the hidden and less travelled roads that would normally be missed by the visitor. You will not find this information on any website as it is locally-sourced knowledge that the owner of our company has spent years acquiring. With a scheduled “distance to ride” each day and the GPS to show you the
way, our tour options allow for a much more relaxed ride. You will be able to ride stress-free, knowing you will arrive at your pre-booked accommodation in a timely manner. The choice of accommodation reduces quickly well before the season begins. So to ensure you get the most convenient stop overs, book your tour early.

Tour Details

Two-day Tour

We often get asked if it is possible to do the Cabot Trail in two days from our location. In brief, it is, if you are pressed for time. Covering almost 800 kilometres, this is a "Get on and do it" kind of tour, as there is little time for side excusions. With an overnight stop scheduled in Baddeck, however, if you start your ride early enough, there is time to pay a visit to the Alexander Graham Bell Historical Site. Alternatively, you can press on another 120km to Ingonish Beach for your overnight stop. This affords you more time to enjoy the Highlands section of the Cabot Trail the following day. 

Starting from $ 595 (inc tax, insurance, one night accommodation)   

Three-day Tour

While still clocking up the miles, our three-day Cabot Trail tour via the wonderful Marine Drive allows more time for stops at tourist attractions and relaxing while enjoying Nova Scotian cuisine. Alternatively, head straight for the Highlands and take a whale watching excursion.

Starting from $ 925 (inc tax, insurance, two nights accommodation)

Four day (update pending)

Five day (update pending)

Day Riders

Our "Day Rider" GPS tours provide an excellent opportunity for those who may be visiting the province for purposes other than riding (on business for example) and have one day to go sightseeing. With a pre-programmed GPS, there is no wondering where to go, no guessing and no getting lost. If you have only one day to see an area, you don't want to spend it backtracking. Our tours will save you frustration and give you more time on the road. They are long ride days between 300 and 400 km aimed at the experienced rider and take in many of the scenic routes around Nova Scotia. The cost includes tax, insurance and the additional km you will travel. Super easy!

Day Rider 1

Sunrise Trail, Northumberland Straights, Cape D'Or, Glooscap Trail, Five Islands.
Total distance, 405km.
Kawasaki Versys $ 240.00
Honda NC750x    $ 250.00
Yamaha FJ-09       $ 260.00
Yamaha Vstar      $ 260.00

Day Rider 2

Marinette Road, Sheet Harbour, Marine Drive, Sherbrooke, Garden of Eden.
Total Distance, 335km.
Kawasaki Versys $ 230.00
Honda NC750x    $ 240.00
Yamaha FJ-09       $ 250.00
Yamaha Vstar      $ 250.00